Romanian Challenge Appeal

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In 1990 the world's attention was drawn by Anneka Rice to the plight of thousands of abandoned children living in horrendous conditions in State run institutions in Romania. Anneka and her team of volunteers went out to Romania and renovated a dilapidated psychiatric institution which was home to approx 700 young people living in the town of Siret in North East Romania.

Anneka Rice: "It is hard to believe it was in 1990 that we first went out to Siret and discovered such a shocking level of abuse, neglect and despair among 700 + abandoned children. The emotional and physical journey that many of these children have been on since 1990 is extraordinary. It is a tribute to the Romanian Challenge Appeal that so many are now leading fulfilling lives. It is also a tribute to the generosity of the hundreds of volunteers who have moved the Challenge forward. However, the work must not stop here. There are many more who still need RCA's expertise and support and I think the RCA needs to continue making the impossible possible."

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