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Farm Sale provides a secure future

Farm Sale provides a secure future

From 2001 to November 2015 our legal body in Romania, O Nouă Viaţă (A new life) ran a modern commercial arable farm with the company name of MARSIN SRL , farming some 2000 acres of "black soil" grassland- really an extension of the Russian steppe. The farm has been been profitable in some years, but not in others. In late 2014 we took the decision that given that much of the machinery needed replacement, too much money that otherwise would be used for care would be taken up by the farm, it was probably time to divest the charity of this asset. Coincidentally, a young German farmer, Hubertus Nesselrode, approached us asking if we were interested in selling.
The legal transaction was extremely complex, but we finally sold the farm to Hubertus in November 2015. The monies realised from the sale mean that the future of the charity is assured for over a decade - which is the most secure position we have ever been in as a charity.

Further, Hubertus shares our vision, and MARSIN continues to employ some of our disabled people, so this really has been a win-win transaction.

The sale of MARSIN has not included all our land, and we still operate a horticultural unit.
The disabled staff form the backbone of the unit which grows potatoes, carrots, onions and other vegetables, as well as soft fruit. All the vegetables produced are used in our homes or donated to the state hospital.

The work around the horticultural unit is very varied, ranging from planting, lifting and tending vegetables through to assisting with maintenance of our premises.

For the people we employ, this is their first ever paid job, and it enables them to become real citizens in their own right, entitled to social security and a pension. (As legislation currently stands, people who live entirely in an institution in Romania have restricted rights)